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A Political Song
(Andy Rooney voice:)  You ever notice how there's a Business section in your paper but no Labor section? Isn't that weird?

Fascists Eat Donuts
Alright, enough of the serious stuff, let's rock!

The headings in this month's column are from the Pop-O-Pies, a San Francisco oddball band who put out 3 LPs and a single from the early 1980's through the early 1990's.  Marshal Stax, veteran KALX dj and ex-Blatz and ex-Subincision member, exposed us to the Pop-O-Pies tune "Fascists Eat Donuts," more popularly known as "Donuts."  So simple that even I can play it on guitar, it's a one-chord song with the chorus "Make those donuts with extra grease, this batch is for the chief of police (repeat)."  We've played it live in every band I've been in from Blatz on, which says something (probably about our lack of imagination!) about the timelessness and simplicity of the song.

Shut Up and Listen
Okay, I'm still wading through the last of 2003's records, so this list of current kick ass records includes some 03s.  Pop-O-Pies "Anthology 1984-1993" (, From Ashes Rise "Nightmares" (Jade Tree), Whiskey Sunday "s/t" (Ancestor), Pipe Down "Mental Weaponry" (A-F), Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros "Streetcore" (Hellcat), Nausea "Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1" (Hellbent), King Africa "Buena Onda" (Fonovisa), Evaporators "Ripple Rock" (Alternative Tentacles), Pink "Try This" (Arista), Paris "Sonic Jihad" (Guerilla Funk), Toys That Kill "Flies" (Asian Man), Street Dogs "Savin Hill" (Crosscheck), Briefs "The Joy of Killing" (Lollipop), and V/A "War (If it feels good, do it)" (Hip Hop Slam).